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  • - Artikelnummer: competition bumper plates
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Where other plates ends, there StrongGear bumper plates just start to warm up

Ordinary bumper plates are made of recycled rubber and cheap plastic mixtures. Such plates withstand only 3,000 - 15,000 impacts. The market is overwhelmed by such low-cost, cheap garbage from China.

Unfortunately, you can see it in most of fitness centers. The plates centers begin to fall, plates start to bend, and over time they begin to fall apart. Fitness owners forbid people from throwing their bars loaded with such plates, and unwittingly discourage clients and loose lots of money.

Taste our StrongGear Competition Bumper Plates – the most resistant plates

Our competition plates are more and more resistant. New adjustment of the plate mixture ensures, that our plates can manage 40 000 impacts.

Plates bounce only a bit

Bumper plates have only a little bounce to make the training safer. They are narrower, you can load 320 kg or more (using mostly 25 kg discs).

Luxury and Prestige

Competition bumper plates are the most luxurious versions of our bumper plates. With competition bumper plates, it looks like at firss-class Crossfit games in your gym.

Dimensions and parameters

Plates have only a minimum weight deviation (maximum 20g). Ordinary plates might have deviations of more than 2 kilograms. L

All of our bumper plates have the outer diamater 450 mm, the inner one is Olympic – 51 mm.

• 25 kg plate - width 67 mm – red
• 20 kg plate - width 61 mm – blue
• 15 kg plate - width 50 mm – yellow
• 10 kg plate - width 42 mm - green

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